Shape, Sparkle and Sizzle. Geometric beading fascinates – and terrifies – many beaders. Triangular peyote is one of the easiest forms of geometric beading, as well being the most versatile. This Bead-Treat class with Pamela Kearns will take the terror out the technique and show you variations that will knock your socks off.

Swarovski Trillion Component Bracelet is created by making and joining twelve components (not a trillion!). Each component features a 10mm Swarovski Trillion rivoli that is bezeled within two colours of size 11/0 Delica beads. The bracelet is finished with a sliding tube clasp. Registrants of all levels will be able to do the project. Beginners will learn how to do the technique using larger cylinder beads before starting their first component. Students experienced in geometric peyote will be well on their way to completing several components during class.

Instructions for variations will be included in the project’s instructions and will include two pendant styles created by simply re-arranging the triangles.

Registration in Bead-Treat includes everything students will need (except the Fireline) to complete a bracelet. Students have colour choices.

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