Balance and harmony through shape and texture. This is the goal that Angela Peace strives for when she designs a piece of jewellery.

“I was launched into the world of creating with fiber at 5 years of age when I was taught how to knit”, says Angela. Textiles were introduced with embroidery and sewing lesson at age 8 – and the rest is history. Angela’s father created jewellery and, by watching him work, learned the names and properties of many stones. Her interest with knots began with a gift from a Taiwanese exchange student who gave her a knotted Pan Chang knot key fob. That attraction bloomed when Angela moved to Hong Kong in the late 1990s and discovered the world of decorative knots and their countless applications. “The more I looked, the more I became fascinated with how knots historically had been used in jewellery and how they still had a presence in contemporary designs”, explains Angela.

Angela began to learn her craft from old diagrams and eventually found a teacher. “Valerie inspired me with her skills and gave me the confidence and knowledge to move forward with knotting and kumihimo”, says Angela. “Since those early days, I have taken classes with experts like Rodrick Owen (kumihimo guru); Giovanna Imperia (wire kumihimo) and, more recently, with Aimee McNamara (Soutache).”

Angela keeps a book with sketches, ideas and inspirations. Sometimes ideas are not enough – they need to be creatable. I have had to invent techniques to make things work. This can be very frustrating when trying to maintain a traditional aesthetic, she explains.

A teacher by profession, Angela enjoys sharing in the enthusiasm and interest as students learn a new skill and then seeing the enjoyment that goes with accomplishment. “I must confess, that on occasion, my students teach me a new skill for which I am very grateful”, says Angela.

When not teaching, Angela plays Mah jongg, enjoys going to movies and loves reading mystery books. “I am busy looking for new experiences with family and friends”, she says.

What advice does she give to others who create? “I think we have to trust our own creativity and give it great value”, states Angela. “If we can do this, then there is opportunity to move forward and develop as an artist.”

Join Angela at her Fiber End Caps class:

Join the fiber and micro-macrame revolution!

Fiber end caps present a new and innovative option for finishing jewelry projects and allow for seamless colour designs or for creating amazing colour contrasts. These made to measure knotted end-caps work well with standard metal clasps and findings or can be used with glue.

In class, you will learn the knotting techniques and how to change the end cap size for a perfect fit. Youll also learn how to make a knotted fiber clasp.

By the end of the class you will have a pair of custom end caps and will be well-prepared to make more.

This class includes illustrated instructions, C-lon knotting cord in your choice of colours, jump rings, pinning board, tapestry needle, and pins.

Ready to register? Click here or go to the ‘Register now’ page of

Get to know the Bead-Treat instructors: Angela Peace
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